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8 Deck Design Tips For Adding An Outdoor Entertaining Area

Australians love the outdoors, so adding a deck entertaining area to your property is a great way to connect your home to nature and get your family outside for spending quality time together. 

A deck is a backyard staple for many Australians. And the good news is, backyard decks can be whatever you want them to be. Let's make your deck a destination! Here are eight design tips for adding a deck entertaining area to your property.

Why You Should Get A Professional For Building A Pergola

If you want to add a pergola to your backyard, it is important to consider why you need to have a professional do it for you.Building a pergola is not an easy task and if you make a misstep, the structure of the entire thing is placed in jeopardy. Below, we will go over some reasons why you need to go ahead and make the leap and hire a professional.

4 Great Decking Ideas

A deck does not necessarily have to be used on its own or as it is. There are many ways a deck can enhance your property and your lifestyle. Here are some ways you can use a deck creatively to spruce up your space.

Climbing Plants For Pergolas

Are you thinking about building a pergola? Invigorate your backyard today with a construction from Jim’s Building Maintenance. After the building project is complete, you can decorate with a number of different climbing plants for pergolas. We’ve created a guide to some of our favourite creepers – check out the plants below and add a little life to your new back garden. 

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