Our painters know their craft to the tee. They are made up of seasoned professionals who take pride in their work no matter how small. Whether it is fixing scuffed or faded paint on a crown molding or redoing incorrect painting on an accent wall. They can do it all for you.

Courteous and Uniformed Personnel

Our team will arrive at your doorstep in full uniform so you won’t have to guess which company they come from. They are all courteous and will attend to your minor painting concerns with the utmost attention and receptiveness. 

FREE No Obligations Consultation

Why pay for a simple project consultation. We at Jim’s Handyman offer you a FREE No Obligations quote for any minor painting job. Plus, we’ll happily explain the cost to you so you get educated about painting specifications after our call..

Our Minor Painting Services

Painted surfaces within the home easily get marked and chipped. Most of the time we never need to actually paint the entire house at the one time. Leave the job of fixing a problematic wall paint, trim, baseboard, or windows to us. Pick from any of our painting services below. Note: these are just some but not all of our minor painting service selection.

  • Wall Trim Paint Retouch
  • Door Repainting
  • Window Repainting
  • Wall Repaint and Retouch
  • Baseboard Repainting
  • Small Furniture Painting
  • Accent Wall Repainting
  • Fence Repainting
  • Gate Repainting
  • Mantle or Fireplace Repaint
  • Built-in Shelving Repaint
  • Small Room Repaint

Free up your time to do the things you want with Jim Handyman’s All-In-One Home Renovation Service. Our expert team of designers, contractors, and builders will get the work done so you never have to worry. 

Wall trim paint can fade over time and if problems like waterlogged or termite infestation occurs, the whole trim can become damaged.

Our team of handyman painters will help you clean the area, fill in any gaps or holes, and repaint it so it looks like new.

Doors and windows, particularly those facing the weather changes will fade over time. If you live in an area with a harsher climate than most, paint on windows and doors may blister, crack or even have stains.

A simple repaint can fix that and make it look like new. Our painting team can retouch the paint of any door and window type.  

Furniture needs repainting over time. This can be due to either wear and tear, paint fading from sun exposure, or any damage such as spills and stains.

Another reason for a small furniture repaint is change in your preferred style. When a room gets redone, the furniture color naturally has to match the new design. We can help you freshen up and give a new look to your small furniture no matter what style or make.

Has your fence paint worn out, or are you changing your facade style into a new one and the current paint does not match? Regardless of the reason we can help you redo or retouch the paint of your fences or gates.

There are four main reasons why you’d need a fence or gate repaint namely: protection, improve aesthetics, maintenance, and increase property value. You paint fences to protect them from the elements, when the paint wears off the wood or material is then exposed to nature. 

Repainting is also needed to improve the appearance of a fence and increase property value. Lastly, regular repainting extends the life of your gate or fence. Our team of handyman painters will help you solve all four reasons. All you need to do is call us. Sit back, relax and we’ll finish the task for you.


For all your home improvement requirements, look no further than Jim’s. We provide a comprehensive range of handyman services that ensure hassle-free and convenient property maintenance and upgrades. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and quality, and we’re well-equipped to handle any task, including tiling and carport installation.

What Our Clients Say

No need to call a general painting team for a small job. They’ll charge you more than what you should pay for a simple door, window, or wall trim paint job. Call Jim’s Handyman, we can paint and Touch-up those Unsightly little areas where repainting the entire room is not needed but leaving the problem area is also not an option. 

We offer FREE quotes for any minor painting project. Click the request a quote button below to claim your free quotation!

We have Experts in Every Trade 

With us you can count on excellent handymen who are excellent at their job and have years of experience under their helm.

Courteous and Uniformed Professionals

You can be sure to get only respectful and receptive fully uniformed handymen who will give their best so you can have a good customer experience. 

Fast Job Turn-Around

We finish all projects quickly with little to no delays. We know how valuable time is to you so our handymen work efficiently with high precision to get the job done.

Police Checked and Licensed

All our crew have police clearances and are licensed professionals. With us, you hire handymen of good standing and proven expertise.

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