Custom Built Outdoor Sheds and Carports .

We build custom high-quality outdoor sheds, carports, and garages that are designed to withstand the toughest Australian weather conditions. Our team is made up of expert carport and outdoor shed specialists, who have decades of experience building custom structures across the country.


30+ Years of Trusted Sheds and Carport Installation

When it comes to building customised outdoor shed, carports, and garages, we are Australia's trusted contractor.

Since 1989, we have provided customers like you with incredible customer service, warranties you can count on, high quality construction, and customised design. Our long service in the industry is the testament of workmanship.

  • 34+ Years of Industry Experience
  • Professional, Licensed Handyman
  • Courteous and Uniformed Personnel
  • 100% Guaranteed Service
  • Customer-Centred Service
Outdoor Sheds & Carports

Enjoy The Freedom of Not Having To Do A DIY

Hiring a specialist for building your outdoor sheds, garages, and carports ensures that you get a structure that's durable, well-made, and built to last.

Why give yourself the inconvenience of having to build one yourself when you can sit back and let professionals get the job done?

Need more reasons to hire a professional handyman? Give us a call  131 546 or fill out our FREE Quotes form. Compare how much you will spend if you do it yourself or hire Jim's Handyman to do it.

Outdoor Sheds & Carports
Outdoor Sheds & Carports
Outdoor Sheds & Carports
Outdoor Sheds & Carports


Our Outdoor Sheds Installation Services

Our team of outdoor shed installers can custom-build the following types of sheds and many more. We work with all types of shed material from steel to timber and concrete.

  • Garden Sheds

Need extra space to store your gardening tools, equipment and supplies? We can build gable roof sheds, skillion roof sheds, quaker style ones. Name it, our Jim's Outdoor Shed Handyman can build it.

We can custom build small garden sheds for simple tools for tiny gardens. Or, we can build large sheds, big enough to accommodate the largest lawn mower, trimmers, and other power tools.

  • Storage Shed

Is the storage space inside your home a little too cramped? We can build the perfect outdoor storage shed for all your household needs. Free up your home and store more of your unused tools and sports equipment in a specialised shed.

Want to earn more income? Build more extra storage sheds and rent it out to people who need storage! Our storage shed installers will help you build a long lasting shed that you can use for decades!

  • Workshop Shed

Build your dream woodworking or metal working workshop complete will all the storage you need for your power tools!

Our handyman team will custom build any type of workshop shed for you. From multi-room style ones to single room sheds. Get your own private, quiet space for all your creative crafting, and practical DIY work


Our Carport Installers Services

We can build any of the following types of carports. But, our services are not limited to just these listed. Our Handyman team can custom-build any type of carport style, just provide us with your design or tell us your concept and we’ll design it for you.

  • Flat Roof Carports - the simplest style and the most cost effective one for protecting your vehicle from the elements. We can build a range of styles and sizes from small single car structures to one that can accommodate multiple vehicles.
  • Gable Roof Carports - a more popular option since they provide a traditional and aesthetically pleasing look. We can build one to complement your home’s architecture and your carport needs.
  • Cantilever Carports - Do you have limited or narrow space? This design is perfect for giving a modern and sleek look to your outdoor space. We can build one that is perfect for clear, open space parking.


Start Your Outdoor Project Today!

Build your dream carport and outdoor shed today! Our extensive handyman and carpentry services will have your back from start to finish! Call 131-546 or request a FREE No Obligation project quote today!

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