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Is your ‘to-do’ list getting out of hand? You can depend on Jim’s Handyman Toowoomba to relieve the stress.

Life gets busy with work, kids, appointments and after-school activities. No one wants to waste their relaxing weekends doing odd jobs around the house. That’s why your local Jim’s Handyman in Toowoomba is super convenient! With all the tools, skill and expertise we can handle any long list of chores.

Why Choose Jim’s Handyman Toowoomba?


Many people who attempt a DIY job, end up spending more precious time and money in the long run. DIYers often don’t own the required tools to suit the specific job. They don’t know which materials the project needs, and frequently end up purchasing the wrong ones. Your local Jim’s Handyman Toowoomba is a qualified professional. Professionals understand which tools to use, and which materials they need. Jim’s Handyman in Toowoomba most definitely know how to do the job – the right way – the first time. By hiring an expert, you’ll save time, effort and money when fixing your home.


Tackling your own handyman projects may result in finding some hidden threats. You can never be certain what may be behind that mouldy bathroom ceiling. The main risk is tackling a job that is well out of your comfort zone. With Jim’s Handyman in Toowoomba, you’ll be positive that we have the know-how and experience to handle difficult jobs. From small repairs and replacements, to tiling, carpentry services, plastering, and more, we have the skills to make it happen.


Jim’s Handyman is trustworthy and reliable. We belong to Jim’s Group which is one of Australia’s largest franchising companies. With years of practice, we have built a strong reputation based on outstanding workmanship, and excellent customer service. For extra assurance all Jim’s Handymen in Toowoomba have passed a police check and have public liability insurance. Everyone and everything will be in safe hands.

Popular Handyman Services

Jim’s Handyman has the ability and resources to provide a full range of Handyman services. A few of our most popular services are:

  • Home Renovations And Modifications. Tailored to you and your budget, everything stays on track and on time. Working harmoniously with numerous teams.
  • Tiling Services. Replace the old cracked, chipped or smashed tiles and decrease the chance of moisture seeping through.
  • Outdoor Sheds And Carports. Storage for household items, tools or gardening equipment. Keep your possessions safe, and out of the weather.

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Jim’s Handyman offers a variety of home repair and maintenance services in Toowoomba. Whether its general handyman repairs or more complex renovation and maintenance, your local Jim’s Handyman in Toowoomba can do it all.

Renovating? No Worries!

Your local Jim’s Handyman franchisee can also assist with renovation and kitchen repairs including verandas, decks, pergolas, doors and bathrooms. All our franchisees are fully insured and are police checked for your peace of mind . For a free quote, give Jim’s Handyman a call on 131 546 or request a free quote.

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We have a passion for customer service, and for this we need the best people. Our selection system rejects hundreds of potential Franchisees per year. We look for people with high standards who take pride in their work.

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